Leh Ratree

  • Title: Leh Ratree
  • Also known as: A Woman's Trickery or Chasing The Night
  • Genre: Romance, Drama
  • Popularity: Highly Rated, Very Popular While it Was Airing
  • Theme song: "Yuen Yarn" translated as "Swear" by Pepper U.H.T, "Mai Chai Dork Mai Rim Tarng" translated as "Not a flower by the side of the road" by Pannida


  • Alicha Laisattruklai (Ann) as Kase/Kate
  • Rattasart Korasut (Pepper) as Seit
  • Nawat Kulrattanaruk (Pong) as Pooh
  • Kalaya Jirachaisakdecha (Mod 3G) as Pah
  • Oh as Itsala


This one was about how Ann’s father owed lots of money to some gamblers so he ripped off Peppers company to pay them back. Pepper catches him and in order to pay the debt he sells Ann to pepper because he knew that pepper can take care of his daughter. Ann moves into pepper house and she begins taking care of peppers family.


Leh Ratree Ep 1
Leh Ratree Ep 2
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Leh Ratree Ep 4
Leh Ratree Ep 5
Leh Ratree Ep 6
Leh Ratree Ep 7
Leh Ratree Ep 8
Leh Ratree Ep 9
Leh Ratree Ep 10
Leh Ratree Ep 11
Leh Ratree Ep 12

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