Jam Loey Rak (Defendant of Love)

Atichart Chumnanont (Aum) as Harit
Taksaorn Paksukcharoen (Aff) as Soraya
Rilanee Sripen (Joy) as Sansanee
Chatayodom Hiranyatsathiti (Chai) as Tawaschai
Kongkrapan Saengsuriya (Num) as Bai
Sukontawa Kerdnimit (Mai) as Boontai
RungRuang Ananta (Hack) as Harin
Ryan Jett as Nukul

Hirit Rangsiman, the pearl farm's owner in the south of Thailand, is very angry and vengeful after Harin, his only younger brother commit suicide because Sansanee, Harin girlfriend, breaks up with him.

Harit wants to take vengeance on a girl who cause his brother's death, so he kidnaps her to torture, but he doesn't know that a girl who he kidnaps is Soraya, Sansanee's cousin. He still believe that Soraya is Sansanee no matter how Soraya tries to tell him. Soraya wants to repay her debt of gratitude to Sansanee because Sansanee used to save her life from drowning, so she accept this punishment instead of her beloved cousin.

However, they irresistibly fall in love with each other at last.



  1. love this lakorn a lot! I watched it over n over again lol ^^"..

    thx for sharing, cannot wait for another lakorn w eng sub in here ;)

  2. who is ryan jett playing as? is it he aff's best friend when she was little? the boy?